What Are “Thanda” And “Garam” Foods And Why Are Pakistanis So Obsessed With Them?

What Are “Thanda” And “Garam” Foods And Why Are Pakistanis So Obsessed With Them?
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So, particularly in the summer, I’m sure you’ve heard “anday na khao, garmi zyaada lagegi.” Have you ever wondered why? The whole thing started on Reddit, with a question about what exactly “thanda” and “garam” foods are. And, of course, why are they so popular among Pakistanis? It can’t just be a shared superstition of all brown moms, can it?

You’ll be shocked to learn that it has some scientific backing, even though those who advise you may not fully understand why they’re saying it – other than what they’ve learned from others. But it’s not a big deal; the next time you hear about it, you’ll be fully informed.

After reviewing various studies, I’ve come to the following conclusion: anything you put into your body must have some form of effect. Thermogenesis, or what we call thanda or garam, may be one of those consequences. As a result, if a certain food or spice raises our body’s temperature, we call it garam. And if it causes our body temperature to drop, however slightly, we call it thanda.

Barry Swanson, a professor and food scientist at Washington State University, discussed which foods raise the body temperature and which ones lower it. “Cold foods are thought to cool the body, and they always do, but spicy foods do the same,” he said.

But you’re still always wondering how. To better clarify, I’ll give you four examples of thanda foods that will help you cool down:

Summer is just around the corner, so take note!

Watermelon is number one.
Watermelon isn’t something we eat just because it’s summer. Watermelon has a high water content, and the higher the water content of a food, the more likely it is to hold your body temperature down. It also delays digestion and depletes the body’s energy supply. As a result, it’ll hold you thanda all summer.

Green Tea No. 2
Green tea, unlike other teas, like chai, is graded as having a thanda taseer, which means it’s easy to digest and needs less energy from the body.

Basmati rice No. 3
It’s no coincidence that people in Southeast Asia eat a lot of rice. The king of all rices is basmati rice. It’s basically very easy to eat, and it’s very good for the body’s tissues. Rice-based desserts, such as kheer, are considered to have a cooling effect on the body.

Frozen yoghurt is No. 4
Yogurt is very common in the summer, as you might have noticed. During Ramadan, we also prefer to drink lassi to stay calm. Freshly made yoghurt contains a large number of beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and destroy viruses. It is, however, best when it is new, as with most items. In store-bought yoghurt, the majority of the beneficial effects are lost.

Now, to illustrate the other side of the coin, here are four examples of garam foods that will really warm you up:

(Don’t eat too many of these at once; it will upset your stomach and cause acidity and abdominal pain, among other things.)

Cayenne pepper is No. 1
Garam taseer is present, as is the case with most spices. It’s commonly used as a spice, provides oxygen to the brain, and is beneficial for coughs and colds, as well as improving digestion.

Honeycomb is No. 2
It’s a natural warm sweetener that’s far better than just another sweetener. It’s a true miracle food that keeps the whole body warm. If you’ve ever had a sore throat or a sinus infection, I’m sure you’ve taken honey. It can be used to treat a cold as well as stomach problems.

Mango is No. 3  
Since it’s a summer favourite, you’re probably shocked to see it in the garam category. Mangoes, on the other hand, stimulate the liver and metabolism, increasing your energy levels. They’re also fantastic for your skin!

Turmeric is No. 4
It’s an important ingredient in all curries. It comes from the Curcuma longa plant’s root. Turmeric contains garam asr, which increases blood circulation and aids digestion.

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