Half of Us Are Now Rich. Why Am I Still cursed?

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Does it seem like we have reached a tipping point in our population growth and if you are anything like me that is a scary thought! Just over one half of us are now married, so what does that mean for the future? Will my children have the same financial security as my parents or will they be on their own? One out of every three American households now has received at least one CObj! Not only is it increasing but even those that didn’t receive one have, by some miracle, been given one.

The “me” generation received one but we didn’t have to go through a single economic recession to get there. I know one generation that grew up without the internet. There was no MTV or even music videos. If one of my children receives one of those precious electronic transmissions I just hope I can hear them moan about it when they get older!

How Half of Us Are Now Rich?

If you are not a child but have a family member who has received one I am sure you are asking yourself “What are the implications?” Well, I have to tell you this is huge. half of us out of every four persons between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four will have received at least one COBJ! If that number is just calculated then our population has increased by almost fifty percent since the early seventies! What does that mean for our economy?

For starters it means that half of us are now millionaires! Does that sound outrageous? While I don’t want to spend too much time on this topic I think you get the picture, the other half don’t. All of us who were lucky enough to have received one are now richer than half of us who haven’t!

Now, obviously, it isn’t the same for everyone, and that is part of the problem. It is also likely that many of us never thought we could be one. Some of us are fortunate, some of us are really unlucky. There are of course some lucky ones and they live to tell about it! In our case however, the good news is that if you are one of the lucky ones then you can rest assured that you are going to be one of the most financially secure of them all.

Now, this is not to say that the other half of us are not. They too can be considered to be wealthy and rich. They too can still be very poor in comparison to the rest of us! But if you are looking for a sense of comfort and security then you should take heart.

The one thing that half of us have in common is that we have received an abundant amount of love and support from a variety of loved ones. If we only ever had the opportunity to receive love from one person, our chances of receiving it from others would have been much lower. And that is just what has happened! We have been given the opportunity to mingle with others and spread love.

And if our situation was not so ideal, then we could never have received the support from those around us. The fact that we have received such overwhelming love, support and care makes us even more blessed. And that is why we are half of the reason why we are now in this position that we are in today – we are half of the reason why half of us are now experiencing financial problems!

half of us have been given many opportunities that have not been able to be seized because of the circumstances of our birth. We may have been born into poverty but as adults, we can choose to go about our lives in a more prosperous way. We can decide to look for better jobs and pursue them. We can work hard and make a success out of our financial status.

Or we can sit back and expect for things to fall in our laps. That is not good enough! We need to have a plan and be determined to reach our goals. When we have achieved our goals, we have proven that we have learned from our mistakes and have improved upon them!

When people ask us how we feel about being in this position, we always respond by saying that we are blessed! And we will continue to tell them how we feel until we have achieved a complete financial status. And we will tell them that they should not worry about their financial status because we have done it already! That is our message to them! Do not let your circumstances hold you back! Instead, take charge and get that financial status which you deserve!


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