Singer Bilal Saeed Just Responded To His Viral Video Fighting With A Woman

Singer Bilal Saeed Just Responded To His Viral Video Fighting With A Woman
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Bilal Saeed, a singer, is currently one of the most talented musicians on the scene. He has amassed a sizable fan base among desi music fans thanks to his soulful ballads. However, with his rising celebrity has come some difficult circumstances, and Bilal seems to be a magnet for such “scandals.”

A video of singer Bilal Saeed battling a couple in Lahore went viral earlier today.
Bilal Saeed was seen battling with a man and then a woman on the street, while dolphin police officers tried to keep all three of them from fighting.

As soon as the video went viral, Bilal became the most talked-about subject on Pakistani Twitter, with thousands of people commenting on it.
Many Bilal fans are surprised to see their idol act in this manner and are searching for answers.

Although many people are shocked by the singer’s actions, one revolting development from this video is a group of people who are celebrating the incident as some kind of victory over “feminism.”
These people are praising the fact that Bilal kicked and hit a woman because they believe this is the “equality” that women are demanding.

Can you see the equality, feminists? As requested by the “Aurat March”!! Ok, equal justice, equal fight!! No offence, hisaab brabar, but she also kicked back.

Thankfully, there are sane voices that recognise how heinous it is to hit someone, let alone a woman.
Women’s violence is a major problem. Even as a joke, celebrating it exposes not only the filthy mentality with which one is born, but also the insatiable desire for abuse.

What a jerk, kicking a lady because she was an easy target!!
February 4, 2021 — Dr. Humma Saif (@HummaSaif)

Regardless of all the tweets and equal rights talk, a real man knows how to treat a woman with respect.
No woman was ever beaten by our Prophet Muhammad.
“Fear Allah in honour of women,” says the hadith.
February 4, 2021 — Aylee (@tera yar hun)

In the middle of it all, Bilal Saeed has reacted to the scandal.
Bilal said in a statement that he respects women and that he only fought back and hit the woman in the video after he and his family were allegedly threatened.

He went on to say more about it in a series of tweets.
When a person’s protection and integrity are repeatedly violated and jeopardised, he is sadly left with no choice but to respond.

February 4, 2021 — Bilal Saeed (@Bilalsaeedmusic)

The incident occurred between Bilal Saeed, his brother, and his bhabi, according to the Sundar area police station. The police have verified that the incident occurred on January 10.

As the incident unfolds, we will continue to provide updates. Stay tuned for more details.

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