Mathira Opened Up About These 5 Things In An Exclusive Interview

Mathira Opened Up About These 5 Things In An Exclusive Interview
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Mathira does not believe she is well-known!
Babar Tajmul, who introduced her to the Pakistani media industry, was credited with her success. She admired him because, unlike many others, he never attempted to change her.

Mathira says that some artists hate her even though they have never met her!
Mathira revealed that the artists she welcomes on her show always attempt to discredit her by challenging the network’s credibility. Some people also hesitate to work on a project if she is brought on board because they have a problem working with her.

Mathira also discussed what motivates her to continue working in the industry.
Despite the hatred, she maintains a positive attitude because she believes it is the only choice. She understands that no matter what she does, people will condemn her and project unwarranted hatred. As a result, she avoids negativity because it is harmful to her mental health. She believes that hypocrisy is rampant in our society, and that people easily dump negative energy on others without realising that they, too, can reach rock bottom. People, she finds, do not try to learn even though they are going through a difficult time. She is a firm believer in remaining gracious regardless of one’s position.

Mathira also spoke about what she’s learned from her setbacks.
She spoke about how many boys have tried to stalk her under the pretext of taking pictures with her. People think she is a laid-back girl who is unconcerned about inappropriate acts, she said. Mathira also stated that when she was doing well in her career, people kept throwing her under the bus. People mocked her and blocked her when she asked them for work after she got married, and she hit rock bottom. Things eventually worked out, and the same people are now able to socialise and hang out.

Has she backed off or agreed to take the high road after dealing with such hypocrisy from business peers?
Her mantra for such people is that if she sees them, she would treat them with the same degree of respect, but in her view, they do not exist. She hopes that she will, in some way, gain the same energy that she offers. This is why, unless they are completely out of line, she never disrespects others.

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