Lessons From Motherhood: A Mother’s Guide to Love – ‘Not All of Me Is Perfect’

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Alma Wahlberg is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood and Lessons From Motherhood . As a child of three, she was a constant reminder of her famous mother. She was an active part of her mother’s acting career and followed in her footsteps. She attended the Academy of American Drama after receiving a degree in theatre from the University of Southern California. She then went to work on several films including We Are Marshall, The Man Who Played Go, and Who’s There II: Return of the Joker.

Wahlberg then entered the world of television in the highly acclaimed series M.A.S.H. She appeared in four episodes before quitting that show to pursue a different type of drama. Since then, she’s been in countless successful films, including hits like Swing Vote, Private Practice, and Everybody Loves Raymond. She’s also been nominated for Grammys and Emmys, most notably for her performance in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Everybody Loves Raymond is an American sitcom television series created by Philip Rosenthal that aired on CBS from September 13, 1996, to May 16, 2005, with a total of 210 episodes spanning over nine seasons. It was produced by Where’s Lunch and Worldwide Pants, in association with HBO Independent Productions.

The series received positive reviews and has been ranked the 49th all-time funniest television comedy by Complex, the 60th best all-time series by TV Guide, the eleventh-best sitcom starring a stand-up comedian and the 35th best sitcom of all time by Rolling Stone

Alma Wahlberg is one of those moms whose Hollywood resume will blow your mind and Lessons From Motherhood. She’s been in so many films and performed so many different characters that she’ll almost always be remembered by viewers. She’s been a favorite on screen mom for decades for her Lessons From Motherhood, though she’s just as popular as ever as a mom behind the scenes. She produced, wrote, and directed most of her own films, but she still took time to get herself cast as dad in M.A.S.H.. While it was hard to imagine her in such a huge role, she did a wonderful job, even winning the award for Outstanding Producer.

The show is centered on the life of an Italian-American everyman named Raymond Barone, a sportswriter for Newsday living with his family on Long Island. Beleaguered, diffident and dryly sarcastic, Raymond takes few things seriously, making jokes in nearly every situation, no matter how troubling or serious. He often avoids responsibilities around the house and with his kids, leaving this to his wife, Debra.

Lessons From Motherhood

Now that she’s finally focusing on being a mom, Alma has a few projects in mind one of them is Lessons From Motherhood. She’s always open to the idea of teaching directing because she’s seen how much fun it can be… (The Kids are in stitches!) But she’s also got plenty of other projects in mind, including writing, performing, and – if her daughter give her permission – someday, maybe even directing a children’s show.

Alma has a great line on her website: “If you don’t have anything to say, make something up!” It’s just another way of saying, “Don’t take yourself too seriously. -Lessons From Motherhood” After all, who wants to spend their lives producing TV shows that have nothing to do with their real life? Maybe if they had a little more self-confidence and a little less self-consciousness, they’d go into there first instead.

Alma has been nominated for Grammys before for Lessons From Motherhood, but it was at the 1996 Video Music Awards that she really garnered attention. The award was for Best Original Score, and her daughter was overjoyed. “I just kept saying, ‘Mama, there’s a boy in the house!’ ” Alma recalls. “It was such a fantastic moment for us.”

Though Alma is overjoyed at the recognition, she admits that it wasn’t easy to sit back and let everyone know about her daughter. “I felt very honored and I was so excited because it meant so much to my daughter tracy, but I knew it could be hard. People would ask if I was going to marry him or get a divorce. I was like, ‘No, it’s not going to happen!’ And then after the Grammys, people were calling my mom and asking her questions like, ‘When was the last time you saw your son-in-law?’ “

Her response? “I haven’t had that experience yet.” As we age, our priorities change – but our bond with our children doesn’t. And even though she might not admit it to herself, she loves her mother very much – and she’ll always have fond memories of the years they spent together.

Like many mothers, Alma Wahlberg has seen the changes her children have made. “I feel insecure sometimes because I’m going through a really tough time in my life and I can’t really relate to them,” she admits. But despite their differences, she knows she can always fall back on them. “I can tell when my mommy is happy or sad. She tells me. And I know I can because I love her.”

Life isn’t all about triumphs and achievements, of course. There are days when Alma feels like she’s just living in a dream. She wonders how she’ll ever recover from her first child’s death, and she wonders how she’ll get by if she ever marries again.

“What are you going to do?” her mom asks. “I don’t want to hurt you. I just want you to realize what a great mother you’re being to me – even though you might not believe it right now.” That’s Alma Wahlberg’s honest and heartfelt answer to that question.

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