Jannat Mirza Is Getting Brutally Trolled Once Again & This Time Because TikTok Has Gotten Unbanned

Jannat Mirza Is Getting Brutally Trolled Once Again & This Time Because TikTok Has Gotten Unbanned
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TikTok was recently banned in Pakistan, according to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), after several people complained about it and said it was spreading immorality. Many TikTok celebrities have spoken out about it. During the debate, Jannat Mirza, Pakistan’s most famous TikToker, was the target of a lot of trolling, with people jokingly attributing the ban to her having recently gained 10 million followers a day before the app was banned. There were several memes, jokes, and even a rivalry between Waqar Zaka and Jannat Mirza as a result of the incident.

Just as we thought things were finally calming down, the PTA declared that TikTok would be unbanned, and Jannat Mirza was once again the subject of numerous jokes.

October 19, 2020 — PTA (@PTAofficialpk)

People joked that Jannat Mirza would possibly like to return to Pakistan now that she has revealed that she would be relocating to Japan. Jannat hinted that she may be leaving because she didn’t like the attitude of the people here in answer to a query. Many Pakistanis were enraged by this, and some joked that she had left the country since TikTok had been outlawed.

People have started trolling her now that the ban has been lifted, claiming she wants to return to the country but is not welcome.

Wo Poochna Ye Tha keh Jannat Mirza Ab Kis Moo sai Pakistan Wapis Ayegi #jannatmirza #tiktokunban #tiktokunbanned #tiktokpakistan pic.twitter.com/1CeLF8A9Mx pic.twitter.com/1CeLF8A9Mx pic.twitter.com/1CeLF8A9Mx pic.twitter.com
October 19, 2020 — Rownus (@RownusOfficial)

Ab ye wapis ayi na pakistan to sab isy pakar kr joty marna, tiktok unban hony k bad agr ab ye wapis ayi na pakistan to sab isy pakar kr joty marna.

tiktokban #tiktokunbanned #tiktokunban #jannatmirza #tiktokunban #jannatmirza pic.twitter.com/XbOW9tPBm4 XbOW9tPBm4 XbOW9tPBm4 XbOW9

@daniyal20khan — Daniyal Khan (@daniyal20khan) 19th of October, 2020
On the internet, there were a lot of memes about how Jannat would respond if the ban was lifted.

PTA#TikTok#jannatmirza 5mxNNLv1lj (https://twitter.com/5mxNNLv1lj)

October 19, 2020 — Waleed Hassan (@Waleedhasaan05)
Jannat Mirza reacted angrily to the news that Pakistan had lifted the ban on tiktok.

Things got even worse when Jannat took to Instagram and baited users by bragging about the trolling, which, of course, was taken as a challenge.

Hume’s challenge or defeat #jannatmirza ban uthne do phly phir hum “walaikum assalam” b kh den ge agprpBQ9N5 (https://twitter.com/agprpBQ9N5)

Saba Chaudhary (@BleedGreen 73) (@BleedGreen 73) (@BleedGreen 73) (@BleedGreen 19th of October, 2020
And so the epic memes and jokes about Jannat Mirza’s current situation started. dktPeSHxV3 (https://twitter.com/dktPeSHxV3)

— @na kar yaaar (@na kar yaaar) 19th of October, 2020
Jannat Mirza was overjoyed to learn that tiktok had been unbanned. https://twitter.com/ivhh4adQis/ivhh4adQis/ivhh4adQis/ivh

Spaghetti (@ApseNaHoPayeGa) (@ApseNaHoPayeGa) (@ApseNaHoPayeGa) 19th of October, 2020
Jannat Mirza is having a good time with tens of millions of other people. twitter.com/O4aNJzfsU pic.twitter.com/O4aNJzfsU

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