If You’ve Ever Lost Someone You Loved, Then This New Netflix Show Will Change Your Life

If You’ve Ever Lost Someone You Loved, Then This New Netflix Show Will Change Your Life
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“Even though I’m in pain, it’s worth it to stay and help make my small corner of the world a little better. ”
It’s difficult to put into words how it feels to lose someone you care about. The sensation of physically being unable to see that person is truly indescribable. Life is far too short, and everything feels like an abyss when someone you love passes away. You feel as if you’re drowning, and you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of unresolved grievances. I’ve said before that the visual medium has always been an unwavering didactic compass – and in this case, Ricky Gervais delivers a touching, tragic, and very raw dramedy about loss.

Ricky (Tony) writes and directs ‘After Life,’ a film about a man who, despite having a good heart, decides to deal with the loss of his wife Lisa of 25 years by basically not caring about anything anymore (except for the one constant he has – his dog) and turns into a vile, rude, and incredibly uncouth man. He doesn’t care about anything anymore, life is meaningless to him, and he’s descended into utter misery, saying and doing whatever the f*** he wants. He despises the world and wishes to commit suicide, launching hateful tirades at anyone who comes into contact with him because he has decided to essentially punish everyone.

That’s another time you’ve let yourself down. You’re doing it on purpose, and you’re well aware of what you’re doing. I’m not sure what you’re fighting for anymore; I’m not sure what you’re fighting for… There is no antagonist in this storey; you are only harming yourself.”
“I’m in pain alright, I’m in f pain all the time,” Tony responds. And I do things like this to make myself feel better for a brief moment.”
“You know, other people are in pain, and other people have stuff going on. Other people are dealing with their own issues.”
After Life’ moved me, having lost someone very close to me, the unbearable pain and hatred that Tony harboured was something very familiar.

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