By Use of Supplements Half of Us Have Received Amazing Health Boosts

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While the Use of Supplements protect us today, one thing that we forget as soon as we are old enough to get the shots is the fact that half of us have received one or more of the below mentioned vaccines. Of course, we didn’t receive them as children. Some of us are lucky and have never received these diseases or infections. Others have been exposed as children or adults and unfortunately, got sick from these vaccines.

The vaccines protect us from catching these diseases. However, the diseases stay inside our bodies and we sometimes get sick. Inhaling the steam from a boiling pot can cause pneumonia, a very common disease that has killed many. Although the fever caused by the boiling pot may seem like an enjoyable idea, pneumonia can be deadly!

Use Of Supplements Act As Resistance Against Illness

The other diseases that one should be worried about are the diseases that cause chronic illnesses. Those that affect the immune system to weaken it over time. This might lead to cancers, leukemia and lymphoma. We can no longer protect us from these, since half of us have received one or more vaccines to build up our immunity. However, there is a way to increase one’s resistance against such illnesses.

Our bodies are wonderfully made we should maintain it by use of Supplements. We don’t need viruses, bacteria and parasites to survive. But we can improve our resistance against these enemies of our health by using Supplements and good diet and exercise to keep our immune system strong. It is supplemented with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, amino acids and beta carotene that can boost it.

Since our immune system is so important in fighting off infections, we should make sure that we get enough nutrients that strengthen it through meal and use of Supplements. Some of those nutrients are Vitamin A, B, C and E, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc. The use of supplements and minerals work together in the body to produce antibodies which fight off infections. Read More

Furthermore, while the majority of us have received many vaccinations to fight off viruses, it is interesting to know that there are viruses that have received no official protection. Some viruses have been known to attack healthy cells in the body causing cancerous growths. Others are parasites that only infect healthy cells. In fact, some viruses that have no official recognition could be responsible for more than half of the disease cases we have today.

Some illnesses that have no known cure are autoimmune disorders. They occur when our immune system turns on itself in an attempt to destroy the invading organisms instead of protecting us. There are many autoimmune disorders today. One of them is osteoporosis, which is also known as osteonecrosis. we can protect our self from disease like these by the use of supplements

Osteonecrosis occurs when a small quantity of bone marrow produces too much new bone tissue. This happens when a woman’s immune system recognizes the small quantities of stem cells she has been receiving, for some unknown reason, as the “self” of her body. When this happens, the stem cells start invading other parts of her body. One of the most widely spread stem cell killers is beta interferons which have been used in the treatment of several very sick people. The frightening thing is that while doctors know the risk to our immune system through these pharmaceutical drugs, they are still supplying them. we can protect our self from disease like these by the use of supplements

As mentioned above, another way our immune systems can be compromised is through the consumption of food that is too greasy. When this happens, the grease in our bodies gets entrapped in our tissue and blood. Our body’s natural defenses (this is what fights off infection) are unable to get rid of the excess and now, instead of fighting off infection, it begins to attack healthy tissue. The result is we become sicker with each sickness, and at some point, we will simply not be able to survive so the use of supplements is one way to protect ourselves.

Some foods and drinks that we consume every day contain the highest amounts of toxins of all. If you are like most Americans, your diet consists mostly of heavily processed, commercialized foods. In addition to the chemicals and hormones added to our food, there is hardly any fresh, natural fruit or vegetable on your table. These processed foods, in turn, deplete our immune system of its ability to fight off infection and illness.

One thing we can all do to strengthen our immune system is to increase the amount of antioxidants in our daily diet and use of Supplements. Antioxidants can be ingested naturally through dietary choices, but there are also safe supplements on the market today that provide all of the necessary benefits. In fact, one half of us have received health boosts from using one of these supplements!

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