Why Do Americans Want to End Lifetime Appointments With the Supreme Court?

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“How many of us wish we could undo most of what our parents or grandparents did to us lifetime appointments?” asks constitutional scholar Dr. Stephen infringing. “A question for you to consider,” agrees William Julius Wilson, author and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader. “What if the worst mistakes of our generation were allowed to stand and God only corrected those few? What if we, as a nation, did not learn from our past but rather made our own mistakes once again?”

The question is rhetorical; the answer is obvious. Americans want their representatives to do exactly the opposite of what they do or would not do. Do they really want their elected representatives to be accountable to a mythical Constitution that only the people can amend, while the duly elected representatives of the people are beyond review, beyond accountability? Not only is that absurd, it is an attempt to invalidate the duly chosen representatives by force. Which is to say that the very idea of checks and balances was intended to prevent the tyranny of the majority rules.

Americans really want to end lifetime appointments

So, the question becomes, “What do most Americans want to end lifetime appointments with the Supreme Court?” And the answer is obvious: More checks and balances. That is the only way to reverse the trend toward lifetime appointments and turn the court into a truly representative institution. One may wish to ask, “Why would any self-respecting citizen want to end lifetime appointments?” It is not that they wish to throw away democracy, or deny the People’s their right to choose their leaders.

Rather, it is because they wish to protect the rights of citizens, and provide the safeguards necessary to assure the government truly acts in the best interests of the people. Why would any self-respecting, constitutional-minded citizen not want to ensure that the elected leaders truly represent the will of the People and not some global, unthinkingly ruled international organization?

Do Americans want to have a government that is answerable to no one, and has no regard for human liberty, the free market, individual freedom, property rights, freedom of speech, religious tolerance and other fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded? If so, then it follows that the People want to have a government that endorses these ideals and is responsive to the will of the people.

Those who want to end lifetime appointments with the Supreme Court are mostly concerned about the future of the court, as well as the erosion of individual rights and the concentration of power in the courtroom. Many see the current trend toward unlimited spending by special interest groups as being detrimental to the common good. In addition, the courts have been handing down too many erroneous decisions over the years, thereby creating an ever-greater number of miscarriages of justice. Many believe that the court is moving in the wrong direction, and they want to do whatever they can to prevent future mistakes from being made.

Others want to end lifetime appointments because they believe it is an erosion of representative government and the checks and balances that exist to prevent undue power in the hands of the federal government. They want to see the government return to what it was before our Constitution was established, a government of laws and not of men. Many feel that the United States of America was designed to protect the interests of the majority of citizens, and not just the banking industry, special interests, corporations or the wealthy. They want to see the government work to the benefit of the common man, through both policy and legislation.

Those who want to end lifetime appointments with the Supreme Court are generally considered to be fringe-group radicals, fringe elements of our society. Many in these groups believe that the checks and balances are vestiges of a previous regime that was taken away during the 1980’s political process in America. They want to tear down the existing structure and put in its place an undemocratic system of government, which they believe is designed to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the majority. Although there is certainly room for improvement, many Americans want to see the doors of the Supreme Court permanently closed.

So, why do Americans want to end lifetime appointments with the Supreme Court? Why do so many people believe that the Supreme Court has been stacked with un-American attorneys and judges who have given them reason to oppose the will of the American people? One possible answer to this question might be that there are too many vacancies on the court right now to handle, and that some people don’t want to see anyone get off the bench. Perhaps there are other reasons that people want to end this trend as well, but it is certainly an interesting question.

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