Cousins Are Your First Best Friends. Here Are 11 Reasons Why

Cousins Are Your First Best Friends. Here Are 11 Reasons Why
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Cousins are the best part of Pakistani culture, which is renowned for its large families. They are not only around for gossip, trading secrets, and joint dislike-mongering of mutually irritable families, but they are also the fun side of any family gathering and your best friends by birth. Here are some examples of how cousins can improve your life in a variety of ways:

You’ve known each other for the majority of your lives.
Most of the time, you will find two or three cousins your age, and you’ve all grown up together, as shown by family photos. Having known each other for so long creates an incredible bond.

Permission for leepovers? It’s not a problem.
Unlike your regular peers, your parents are generally more likely to let you spend the night at your cousin’s house, and you won’t have to ask permission to hang out.

You can borrow things from your cousins and easily fail to return them without facing serious repercussions.
It’s almost as if you’re borrowing from your siblings. You can take whatever you want from their wardrobe and not feel bad if you fail to return it, because your cousin, believe it or not, has an item or two from your closet.

It’s a lot of fun to tease them at parties.
Do you have a lot of things on your cousin? It’s a lot of fun to tease it at parties. Especially if the cousin in question comes from a family of strict, conservative parents. The strength of the cousin relationship is making life tough for each other and then standing up for each other when they do get into trouble.

With cousins by your side, Eid, Shaadis, and all other celebrations become a lot more enjoyable.
How would you have survived your family’s dull events every other weekend if it weren’t for your fun-loving cousins, who despise them with the same zeal as you? Since you all get along so well, these situations become bearable.

The code names you and your cousins come up with are hilarious.
Have you ever had a crush on someone? Name of the code. You don’t get along with a certain member of the family? Name of the code. Your cousins go through the same nonsense as you, and it’s fun to talk about it with them using cool code names that no one understands.

Family Gossips So Aunty Rubina’s sister’s husband’s nephew is embroiled in some scandalous family news, and you want the latest bulletin, or want to have an in-depth discussion about the aforementioned subject, and you want the latest bulletin, or want to have an in-depth discussion about the aforementioned topic? Make a call to your cousin and jump right in.

You can still turn to your cousins for support.
So you met your soul mate at a family gathering, or you’ve formed a massive crush on your cousin’s cousin? Your favourite cousin is the go-to person for such secrets, who will not only tease you mercilessly, but will also keep the secret to their grave.

The cousin clan as a whole has its own WhatsApp party, which is full of photos from failed get-togethers.
Every family has these groups where the elders deliver lengthy sermons and the younger generation organises a friendly get-together that never takes place in real life. Whatever one can think of these organisations, one thing is certain: we all have them on mute.

You’ll almost certainly be their first choice at their wedding.
Guess who’s in charge of planning dance practises, bridal showers, and keeping track of how to disperse mehndi ki thallis at the mayoon ka function at your cousin’s wedding? That’s right, it’s you. And at the end of these functions, you’ll be rewarded with a rishta or two for all your efforts.

Your cousins are like the brothers and sisters you wish you had.
Cousins can be much superior to your own siblings at times. You have a lot more to share with them. They might be the co-conspirators. They still have all of the characteristics of siblings, but you don’t have to see them every day, which makes seeing them after a long time much more enjoyable and exciting.

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