The Oscars And Best Films

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The Oscars are a week away, but how many will watch? Well, most of America will not be tuning in to the Oscars this year. That is a shame because The Oscars, much like any award show, showcases the best films of the year. Yet, with most people choosing to get out of town during the week, it will be very hard to catch any of the films. However, for those who have been waiting for the Oscar buzz, I have some good news:

Films To Seen In The Oscars

One of the more anticipated films is Hidden Figures. This film stars Tarzan, Michael Douglas, and directed by Steve McQueen in the Oscar for the best films. The plot centers on an African-American laborer who must escape from a secret government project. The movie is full of mystery and intrigue, as it takes you inside the inner workings of the CIA. Although it has received raves upon its release, it just didn’t do quite as well at the box office as it was expected to do. Still, it is worth seeing if you get the chance.

Another upcoming movie that I am sure about to be nominated in the Oscars is The Counselor. The movie stars Michael Douglas, Laurence Fishburn, and Matt Damon. I have heard some good things about The Counselor so if you live near an Atlanta theater, I would definitely suggest seeing this one. It should be available for DVD and regular release on June 18th.

Another sleeper hit in the Oscars is The Informant! This movie stars Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman. The movie chronicles the work of James Donovan, a CIA agent who goes undercover to expose what he sees as a corrupt and unethical system within the Agency. It is expected to be one of the best-received movies of the summer. If you live in Chicago, you can find out where the movie theaters are showing before anyone else knows and get the opportunity to see what everyone is talking about.

One other film that should be made available on DVD is Edward Scissorhands. This movie just made its DVD debut and is the second film in the franchise to be nominated in the Oscars. The first movie, Hands of Fire, just came out over Christmas and is really popular among kids. If you love the Scissorhands movies, then this will probably be worth checking out.

Finally, The Informant! should be easy to find and should top the charts with ease. The movie stars Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline. It’s directed by David Fincher and loosely follows the story of an undercover CIA agent who must expose a foreign oil company’s dirty laundry, while working overseas. If you love these movies, then I’m sure you’ll love The Informant!

There’s only one way to find out what the next big movie will be nominated in the Oscars. That’s by going to the theaters and seeing it for yourself. I can only hope that The Informant! lives up to the incredible reception it’s received from the film critics and movie lovers everywhere.

If you really want to see The Informant! Then you need to get out there and see it at the earliest possible date. I bet that once you go see The Informant! You’ll never want to miss another movie from Matt Damon again!

If you want to make it a family night, you can even rent The Informant! You can also watch other movies with the family while enjoying this great family movie. The fact that it is a comedy doesn’t detract it from its entertainment value. In fact, you’ll probably end up laughing more than the entire family!

One of the best things about The Informant! is that Matt Damon is in it. This means not only will you see a movie you’re sure to enjoy, but you might catch some rare appearances by one of your favorite celebrities as well. Remember, Matt Damon turns fifty in November, so he could appear in at least one of the following movies: The Informant! or Mission: Impossible – Ghost Force.

The lead character is played by Morgan Freeman, who is already a famous movie star. I would expect The Informant! to perform well at the box office because it’s a good film and Morgan Freeman is a recognizable name. He’s also just what a lead actor needs to play a good supporting role in a movie. The movie also benefits from a strong cast that also includes Will Smith, who plays the son of an important character.

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