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The online forum Social Media Viral amplifies the voice of an alternative Pakistan. We write and choose stories that are appropriate for our young audience.
The aim of Social Media Viral, which was created by Pakistanis all over the world, is to publish content that people want to read, share, and discuss.

We’re trying to tell a different story

The media material available to young Pakistanis around the world is almost entirely comprised of mainstream news, politics, and melodramatic television shows (that our grandmothers enjoy). There isn’t a great content channel that helps us to share our brilliance with an audience of like-minded people.
As a result, we’ll simply build it.

Why the name Social Media Viral?

We wanted to publish material that was both juicy and delectable. Nothing compares to level of Pakistani media . We also wanted our content to challenge limits, be edgy, and question what hasn’t been challenged before. So… Viral on social media.


Our goal is straightforward. We want to create shareable content that depicts a different Pakistan and gives a peek into our enormously diverse society.

We can’t do it on our own. Join us in our fight to rid Pakistan of obnoxious and uninteresting content.

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